It’s been months since I wrote my last blog and it was the time I started writing blogs too. I stopped writing in the same spirit in which I took up writing. I don’t like to blog unnecessarily unless I wish to, which my heart approves of. I love to write lyrical, rhyming, and poetic. I wish to be in a thought space where I’m thrilled by lines of words that are just incredibly written.

Every time I open a tab in the browser and check out the blog, my blog wall yells at me, calls out to fetch a pen & paper and write something. Then I go in search of what to write. Nah… It’s the time I curse myself for not making up some time for writing.

I have been in search of topic aftermath my last blog. If not a topic, few words to scribe down. In this journey of search, I stumbled upon a guy who was struggling to make his way up in rifle shooting. At the time I met, he said he stood 17th position in the recently held event. All he needed was a sum of Rs. 3 Lakhs only to buy a rifle for shooting.  Whom to shoot? To train in rifle shooting.  The institution in which he had been trained only offers a rifle if three of their candidates get selected for an upcoming event, so that they can share one rifle among three. A struggle of one doesn’t work here, three people have to struggle and make it to the top three spots.

I promised him that I would write about his struggling story and try to catch the attention of few. Those few would come handy if they help him in any means. That promise remained as a promise. I never called up this guy and collected information or asked about whereabouts and his status. I didn’t gather strength in me to write because I felt I can’t catch attention of the people on social media or I don’t have such a great following on social platform. There was also the fear if response went sour. I created a zone out of which I couldn’t come out. Am I judgmental about myself before any attempt? I don’t know!

He used to message me wishing on every festival that came in between these days. I never replied. But one day I felt like experimenting with my writing, whatsoever the result is and called him up. During our conversation I asked him if he could manage collecting money for the rifle. He told me that in a week a rifle will be delivered and he needs to pick it up from the airport. That was a moment to be ashamed of myself and to be proud of the guy. While I was struggling to build faith in myself to write few lines about him, he did manage to collect the hefty sum pleading many people and got the rifle to pursue his dream he believed in. That day I did learn a lesson that promises are meant to be kept not broken. That’s why they are called “PROMISES”.

Wish the guy (Let him be anonymous) have success showering upon him and wish he continues to put effort as like this all the way his life. After all his passion can one day turn out to be pride of the Nation.


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